Officers and Senators

CCAHE officers and instructional unit Senators meet on the first and third Monday of each month.                                    

Reach out to your Senator or a CCAHE officer by clicking on their name below. 

Suzanne Southerland

Vice President:

Yusufu Kamara



Aaron Bingham

BEECH Senators:

Nancy Novak

Alexis Nelson

BHS Senators:

Lisa Aepfelbacher  

Yusufu Kamara

Mike Arnold


Hannah Jackson 

Tyler Frank

SOFA Senators:

Don Appert

Michael Ceriello  

Senseney Stokes

CLASS Senator:

Shayna Collins

WPTE/STEM Senators:

Tina Barsotti  

Aaron Bingham  

Dwight Hughes

Brian Tracy

Adjunct Senators:

Sydney Brahmavar 

Arwen Spicer

Siri Wickramaratne

Greg Finley

As a CCAHE member, you have the opportunity to vote for your representatives and/or run for a seat: 

  • Three Senators each unit are elected every other year by their unit CCAHE faculty members. 
    • BEECH, SOFA & STEM Senators are elected in odd-numbered years.  
    • BHS, CLASS & WPTE Senators are elected in even-numbered years.
    • Adjunct Senators are elected each year. 
    • Contact Suzanne Southerland if you're interested in running for Senate. 
  • President and vice president are elected every two years by the general membership. 
  • Treasurer and Secretary are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate every two years. 

2023 Negotiation Team

The negotiation team for 2023 is made up of faculty from each instructional unit:

Sarah Kuzera - BHS

Laura Nagel - CLASS

Kushlani DeSoyza - SOFA

Dwight Hughes - WPTE/STEM

Suzanne Southerland - BEECH