Officers and Senators

CCAHE officers and instructional unit Senators meet on the first and third Monday of each month.                                    

Reach out to your Senator or a CCAHE officer by clicking on their name below. 

Suzanne Southerland

Vice President:

Yusufu Kamara


Amy Bratton

Aaron Bingham

BEECH Senators:

Nancy Novak

Amy Bratton

Outreach Officer:

Alexis Nelson

BHS Senators:

Lisa Aepfelbacher  

Yusufu Kamara

Mike Arnold


Hannah Jackson 

Tyler Frank

SOFA Senators:

Don Appert

Michael Ceriello  

Senseney Stokes

CLASS Senator:

Zachary Grant

WPTE/STEM Senators:

Tina Barsotti  

Aaron Bingham  

Adjunct Senators:

Dave Duback  

Arwen Spicer

Siri Wickrama

As a CCAHE member, you have the opportunity to vote for your representatives and/or run for a seat: 

  • Three Senators each unit are elected every other year by their unit CCAHE faculty members. 
    • BEECH, SOFA & STEM Senators are elected in odd-numbered years.  
    • BHS, CLASS & WPTE Senators are elected in even-numbered years.
    • Adjunct Senators are elected each year. 
    • Contact Suzanne Southerland if you're interested in running for Senate. 
  • President and vice president are elected every two years by the general membership. 
  • Treasurer and Secretary are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate every two years.