Faculty perspectives re: working conditions winter 2022

Thank you for your participation in the most recent CCAHE survey re: working conditions winter 2022. Check out the survey responses and breakdown of faculty views on the safety of their working conditions and desire to return to remote operations

Of the 93 respondents, about 35 percent were part-time faculty. This survey was intended to identify what CCAHE can do to support faculty who are teaching in-person classes this winter. As we know, our working conditions are significantly altered by Omnicron. That said, the results of this survey show that two-thirds of faculty teaching on campus want to continue face-to-face instruction. Subsequently, the CCAHE will not presently be taking steps to expedite a move back to remote operations. However, we are concerned about individual cases; immunocompromised faculty, faculty who have young unvaccinated children, and faculty with so many students out sick that their workloads are unreasonable. If you are concerned about being in the classroom, you are certainly not alone. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your union senators or officers so that we can communicate your concerns and situation to our College leadership. We signed up to help students who want in-person learning, so we should be provided some sort of respite if our working conditions are an unreasonable risk to our health and family's health. 

WEA raises the Black Lives Matter flag


This past Martin Luther King Jr. Day, WEA raised the Black Lives Matter Flag in front of the WEA building in Federal Way. Displaying the BLM flag is part of a Black Lives Matter resolution passed by the WEA Board last November. Black History month starts in February, the first week of which is Black Lives Matter in School Week. Click here for resources to help you navigate this important month and to continue anti-racism work throughout the year.

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