Message from WEA President & VP re: coup in DC

WEA (and CCAHE) unequivocally condemn the actions that took place in Washington D.C. today.
What we witnessed at the Capitol earlier is nothing less than an attack on our country and on our people brought to life by a president who refuses to accept the results of an election that have been upheld time and time again in courts of law throughout our country.
Today, we have seen not only anarchy and insurrection on display for all to see, but white privilege and white supremacy, as well.
We are strengthened this evening by those Americans who are looking forward to building an America that can be, rather than those who continually look back and attempt to breathe life into an America that was.
We must be better than this. We must stand up for our democracy. We must stand up for each other.
Larry Delaney, WEA president
Janie White, WEA vice president

Union solidarity nixes Clark College WPEA staff cuts

While fall term at Clark is typically inspiring, this year we were faced with several difficulties. One was the possibility of several Clark College classified staff potentially being laid off as recommended by an outside consulting firm.
Once the news spread that these jobs were threatened, WPEA, CCAHE and several unions throughout our community sprung into action with sign waving events, a letter-writing campaign, a petition, Board meeting addresses, and correspondence with local and state leaders. The effort, commitment and solidarity among these unions and community members proved successful.
As fall quarter closed, the Executive Cabinet of Clark College made it official - they would not be cutting these staff positions. We believe that another pivotal aspect that made a difference was bringing awareness to the vital work that staff perform on a daily basis. Without our staff, Clark would crumble. They are the glue that hold Clark together. Clark College made the right choice. 

Featured photos above of Clark's cherry blossom trees by Ryan O'Meara.

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