• What is Clark College Association for Higher Education (CCAHE)?

The Clark College Association for Higher Education (CCAHE) is the union for full-time and part-time faculty at Clark College. CCAHE represents faculty only. Clark College staff are represented by a different union, WPEA.

  • What is the purpose of the CCAHE?

CCAHE exists to negotiate, promote and uphold the contract agreement between faculty and Clark College. 

  • What is the purpose of the contract?

The contract is an agreement between faculty and Clark College. It outlines hundreds of guidelines, agreements, policies, stipulations and understandings pertaining to two things: faculty working conditions and faculty salary. CCAHE members vote to approve the contract every two to three years.

  • How does CCAHE represent the underrepresented?

CCAHE is committed to empowering faculty and representing faculty issues, opinions, and concerns. CCAHE represents both full-time and part-time faculty by negotiating agreements with the College that serve faculty's best interests. 

  • What should I expect as a member?

As a member: you can vote to ratify our contract, elect officers, and weigh in on CCAHE matters; can participate in CCAHE general membership meetings and social events; are concurrently a member of WEA which is the Washington Education Associaton and NEA which is the National Education Association; have a voice in the Association's work related to wages, benefits, workload, class size, evaluations and other education policies that affect you and your students...and much, much more.

  • How can I become a member of CCAHE?

You can enroll here.

  • I do not want to become a member, but I'm interested in contributing. How would I do that?

By far the best way to contribute to the empowerment and well-being of Clark College faculty is by becoming a member of CCAHE. 

  • Does CCAHE provide volunteer opportunities?

As a member, you will have plenty of opportunities to help out with solidarity actions and social gatherings. You can also become a Senator or an Officer. 

  • Does CCAHE only support Clark College? Or does CCAHE support other colleges and schools in the area?

CCAHE only represents Clark College faculty but is affiliated with several K-12 schools and community college educator unions throughout the state of Washington. We're also affiliated with a number of organizations including the SW Washington Central Labor Council and Jobs with Justice. 

  • How can I get others involved?

Contact suzanne.southerland@washingtonea.org and consider bringing your colleagues to one of our social gatherings or plan to travel up to Olympia (or zoom with legislators) on one of our Lobby Days. We have plenty of ways to get you involved!